A fitting place for a memorial

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A fitting place for a memorial - 10/30/18 05:25 PM

Six months ago, a niece of my wife passed away unexpectedly at age 47. She lived with her SO lived in AZ in a small town south of Phoenix. We were all shaken up by her passing and held a small family gathering at our home a couple of weeks later. We decided then to meet in Sedona, AZ to spread her ashes among the beautiful red rock hills that surround the city.

We rented a beautiful home in Sedona through VRBO and a few of us met there on Saturday afternoon for the weekend. Lisa was a lady who loved the outdoors, loved Sedona and loved hiking the many trails in and around the city. The home we rented was just two short blocks from the start of a trail that led up into the hills. We were all pretty sure we could find a nice place for her to spend eternity, and find it we did. We hiked up there Saturday evening and again on Sunday to spread her ashes, and again on Monday before we all departed for a last goodbye.

Here are some photos of what that area looks like.

The first two are part of the view from the home we rented.
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A few other shots from around the area.
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The group who gathered for Lisa. Her Significant Other, my wife, Lisa's brother and his wife.
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It was an emotional weekend with lots of time for each of us to share stories about fun we had with Lisa. She will be missed.

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Re: A fitting place for a memorial - 10/31/18 02:36 AM

My condolences to you and the entire family. Sedona is a beautiful part of the country. Love the area.
For me it is a time of reflection when a younger member of the family passes. Have I lived my life to the fullest, have I made a difference, have I helped those in need, have I been worthy of the gifts bestowed on me.
Gosh, so many questions. I will never be able to answer those questions, only those I leave behind can.
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Re: A fitting place for a memorial - 10/31/18 03:01 AM

Amen to that Mark. When someone dies prematurely and suddenly there are lots of unanswered questions.

What could anyone have done to have prevented her passing? That question will weigh on our minds for awhile.
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Re: A fitting place for a memorial - 10/31/18 03:45 AM

What a great way to honor her!

Its very difficult when someone passes at a young age unexpectedly. My thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
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Re: A fitting place for a memorial - 10/31/18 12:10 PM

Sorry for you loss.

Beautiful scenery
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Re: A fitting place for a memorial - 11/01/18 11:50 PM

Thanks to all of you for your comments. Tina's niece had a HUGE amount of clothing, shoes, coats, etc., that her SO invited Tina to come down, sort through the clothes and take what she wanted. The rest will be donated to some of the local women's shelters.

Tina spent a very emotional couple of hours going through things, picked out about 5% of the clothing that we loaded in the Exploder. The 3 of us went out for dinner at a cowboy bar and came in 3rd in the Trivia contest. For our efforts we won a certificate for $10 of food. We left that with the SO for his future use.

It was tough to say good bye to the SO. We head home in 10 days and won't see him again until after the first of the year when we come back down.
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Re: A fitting place for a memorial - 11/02/18 12:31 AM

My condolences to you and the entire family.

Celebrate her life and cherish her memory and she lives on in you.
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Re: A fitting place for a memorial - 11/02/18 01:53 AM

A beautiful tribute for a love one...our condolences for your loss....
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