Diesel Oil Shortage

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Diesel Oil Shortage - 12/24/21 01:41 AM

Put the boat away about 2 months ago after another bust of a season of only one outing. While lack of time was one factor, lack of water here was the real culprit as many of our lakes were just unusable by the middle of July.
Used the diesel truck a bit more, but now it's mostly put away for the winter.
My usual winterization process is to change the oil, but I had a heck of a time finding Rotella synthetic.
I did find some Mobil 1 synthetic turbo diesel oil at O'Reilly, so cleaned them out of their 4 one gallon jugs since I need 2.5 gallons and like to have at least one extra oil change in reserve and I failed that this year. Paid $32.99 a gallon.
Needed to get some stocking stuffers so stopped by Cal-Ranch, which is similar to Menards or Murdochs Ranch supply. Checked the shelves there and found the exact same oil for $24.99 a gallon. Figuring that oil prices are only going to go up I cleaned them out of 6 gallons. Between the two stops That'll last 4 years.
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Re: Diesel Oil Shortage - 12/24/21 01:00 PM

Is it just a shortage on diesel ? Just did oil change on daily driver & truck & did not have any issues finding oil.
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Re: Diesel Oil Shortage - 12/24/21 01:00 PM

Neither of mine are diesel.
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Re: Diesel Oil Shortage - 12/24/21 05:50 PM

It's just diesel oil.
Been using Rotella T-5 for years. Usually buy it at Wally world. The two and a half gallon jugs were the most convenient , but I forgot to resupply last year when I used up the last supply.
I've stopped by the local wally world multiple times when I knew I'd need to change the oil at the end of the season, and they've been out every time I stopped since at least September. They did have conventional, but no synthetic or synthetic blend.
O'Reilly looked on their computer and said there were only 2 gallons Rotella synthetic in all of Utah.
Looks like I've switched over to Mobil1 Turbo-Diesel oil for the foreseeable Future, and will start looking at the Ranch stores for a much better deal than the auto parts store, or even Wally World.
I had bought 6 gallons RV antifreeze for $0.99 per gallon a couple springs ago at Home Depot. Used the last two gallons this year up to winterize the boat. I'll be watching for that clearance deal again next spring.
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Re: Diesel Oil Shortage - 12/24/21 07:24 PM

I buy at Walmart when on rebate and usually use some version of Mobil. Hadn't noticed a shortage on Rotella, but nothing surprises me.
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Re: Diesel Oil Shortage - 12/25/21 11:39 AM

Found the same shortage of Rotella here. I ended up using Mobil Delvac. The price surprised me. 8 quarts of Devlac 15-40 and 7 qts of Mobil 1 5-20 from the local auto parts store, $93.00. 10-30W seems to be in short supply too.
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Re: Diesel Oil Shortage - 12/27/21 06:21 PM

I had trouble finding Rotella T4 late in the Summer. My CATs use quite a bit of oil during my normal 1100 to 1200 RPM use (they use much less oil if I run on plane at 2000 RPM and up, but wow, fuel use goes up a LOT...), so I keep a lot of oil on hand. I went with Delvac last time. Will buy a couple of 5 gallon pails of T4 next time I find it at Wal Mart.
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Re: Diesel Oil Shortage - 12/27/21 06:57 PM

Glad that I wasn't imagining the shortage, but sad that I wasn't imagining the shortage.

This just supports my behavior to keep basic Maintenance stuff in stock so that I can just pull it off the shelf when oil changes come due or windshield wipers need replacing. My son needed a cabin air filter for his challenger the other day. Dealer wanted to charge him $20 labor to change it, plus the cost of the filter. Pulled one out of my stock pile and he changed it himself in 2 minutes.

Caught the last part of an episode of Chasing Classic cars where Wayne was at a family barn where the brother had collected, rebuilt and totally organized spare parts for Model A's.
I'd love to be as organized and as well stocked as that guy was. I'm sure his lifetime of collecting and having it actually organized will bring a fortune to his heirs.
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Re: Diesel Oil Shortage - 12/28/21 12:34 AM

Love Chasing Classic cars - one of my favorites
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Re: Diesel Oil Shortage - 01/04/22 08:24 PM

I just cleaned out the local NAPA stores on Rotella T6 -- they had two gallons. With the two gallons I had on the shelf, that is just enough to change the oil in my truck one time. We'll see what goes in at the next oil change, but that is probably sometime in spring. I converted to "synthetic" based oil when I made some upgrades to the engine's fuel and oil systems along with a performance chip.

We run Rotella T4 in the boat engines and I have enough for one oil change that will be necessary this spring when I pull the heads to freshen them.

I am quite happy that this thread warned me to chase down those last two gallons of T6!!!
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Re: Diesel Oil Shortage - 01/04/22 11:53 PM

I'd best start finding some for our motorhome for next spring I guess, that thing needs 8 gallons--
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Re: Diesel Oil Shortage - 01/05/22 06:06 PM

My truck takes 12 quarts, I have about 4 filters on hand so that will last me some time. As far as oil, I'm due for a change in about 5k miles which will be sometime in the summer. The diesel doesn't get driven much during the winter as I have a pre-emissions Dodge with about 235k miles that I want to continue to keep rust free.
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Re: Diesel Oil Shortage - 01/10/22 03:14 PM

When you stockpile consumables you've got to store those consumables.
Bought this Harley Oil Shelf at an auction in 2020, and love how I've been able to organize what fits on it.
[Linked Image]

It was designed for the old oil cans, so while it works I want to step up my game.
Searching the webs for a shelving unit that can hold Gallon sized jugs and quart sized.
The ultimate would allow me to have 2 or three different rows of Gallon jugs of oil, two different antifreeze rows, windshield washer fluid, and RV Antifreeze.
Quart sized rows for various viscosities of oil, transmission fluid, gear lube
This is the closest I've found, but looking for other ideas.
Oil Rack
[Linked Image]
It looks like they come in 4 foot wide sections and one would be sufficient.
Might be overkill, but it would be pretty cool to know what you have and what you need to restock.
Don't have room for it in the current house, but if we ever get the Barndominium built I could easily find a spot.
any other ideas?
Have I been watching too much American Pickers thinking stuff would be readily available online?
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Re: Diesel Oil Shortage - 01/11/22 12:21 PM

The idea of a huge stockpile of consumables at home seems cool, but I'd rather keep my life more simplified and let retail establishments handle the inventory, ordering and re-stocking work, when possible. Much easier to store a credit card...

That said, I carry a comprehensive collection of spare parts, consumables, and tools on my boat so that I don't have to struggle to maintain and repair things when out cruising. I plan to spend a lot of time in the Abacos, Exhumas, and other areas that are kinda far from stores and repair facilities.
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Re: Diesel Oil Shortage - 01/11/22 05:08 PM

While I do agree with your sentiments about keeping it simple, my justification (blush) for my hoarding behavior is the shear number of engines I'm stocking up for each with their own viscosity specs. That picture of the Harley shelf actually has 5 different viscosities of Mobil1. What you can't see to the top right of that picture is the rest of the Diesel Oil I bought, a half full gallon jug of oil for the boat, along with Windshield washer fluid for topping off whenever I change my own oil.
It's just too easy if I have everything I need already in place to get the job done when a project needs to be done.
Couldn't do the normal fall/winter Oil change in the Duramax when I wanted to since I forgot to restock my Rotella, and multiple trips to wally world and online inventory checks of the "Big 3" parts houses failed to find the oil I wanted.
The great philosopher Jimmy Buffett can often be quoted in any discussion and His Song "overkill"

relates well here with what I want to do.
Normal shelves or cabinets work great for storing all the various filters, wrenches, oils and other fluids I often need at the drop of a hat when the Admiral comes home and says the Subaru oil needs to be changed, BUT wouldn't it be soooo cool to have it all organized and visible so I can see what I need when Stuff goes on sale.
My hoarding and OCD collide, but at least I was able to throw in any filters I had in stock to the new owner of my youngest's truck when it got sideswiped by a neighbor, so I'm probably lying to myself that my hoarding is justified and the OCD is the stronger vice.
What I'll probably end up doing is either nothing or finding a display rack at some random antique store I just happen to stop at.
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