New Rocna Vulcan anchor

Posted By: Dave R

New Rocna Vulcan anchor - 09/05/19 11:54 AM

My boat came with a 60 Lb Lewmar CQR. Once set, it held really well, but sometimes failed to set on the first try (guessing it landed upside down in those situations) and it would not self-launch from my pulpit which is a pain when it's just my wife and I. I've been meaning to upgrade and expected to pay full retail for a Rocna Vulcan but West Marine had a 25% sale on them over the weekend and I pulled the trigger on a 73 pounder and saved some serious dough. I installed it on the boat a couple of days ago (still sore...) and have not tested it yet for setting and holding, but it fits my pulpit perfectly and self-launches easily. All the reviews I've read have been very positive and a friend has been using the same anchor on the same boat for 3+ years now, anchoring at least 180 nights a year, with no issues at all. The build quality of the anchor is impressive and the spade design/surface area looks like it would hold a super tanker. It supposedly works quite well on as little as 3:1 scope with all-chain rode like I have. That will really come in handy in the limited space and 10ish foot tidal range that's common in anchorages around here.

Of course my windlass main breaker decided to fail 2 days after I placed the order for the anchor and the new breaker is not due to arrive until Monday, so no testing this weekend... I by-passed the breaker to install the new anchor, but I won't do that for real-world use.

Anyone else have a Vulcan?
Posted By: GoFirstClass

Re: New Rocna Vulcan anchor - 09/06/19 04:50 PM

C'mon Man, you know the drill. Without pics it didn't happen!
Posted By: WayWeGo

Re: New Rocna Vulcan anchor - 09/07/19 03:27 AM

We have a 45lb fixed shaft Super Max anchor on WayWeGo. Even though it is quite a bit lighter it has about the same fluke area as your Vulcan. Its probably a little better in mud like we have in the Chesapeake, but does not have a point that would be nice in grass or rocks. We also carry a Fortress FX-37 as a backup anchor -- its light and holds great in most tests. The Vulcan was one of the anchors I was considering, but it was quite new when I was shopping and not much known about it at that time. From what I have heard, it is a great choice and quite versatile.
Posted By: Dave R

Re: New Rocna Vulcan anchor - 10/03/19 08:30 PM

Tried the Vulcan a couple of times, very impressed. It sets instantly on a 4:1 scope and actually sets so hard it's a almost violent. Boat is getting hauled next week so probably not going use it again this season, eager to use it extensively next year.
Posted By: WayWeGo

Re: New Rocna Vulcan anchor - 10/07/19 08:22 PM

That's what you want to have -- thanks for the update!
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