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Las Vegas Flamingo - 07/01/21 04:46 PM

My situation is very similar to one that another member requested help from members of the forum back in 2006. I recently purchased and old (1960's ?) fiberglass tri-hull (17'-ish) boat in fair and complete condition with (I'm guessing original dealer option) 40 hp Johnson outboard. The plate has the model and serial # etc. But no where on it or anywhere on the boat (including the plate on the outboard) is there a manufacturing date or any type of date code. The Las Vegas Boat Co in Los Altos is no longer in business and the only Google search of MANY to even have a smidgen of a mention about it brought me to this site. I'm in the process of applying for a title after purchasing it with a lost title status. The previous owner had obtained it in some type of civil matter and judgement awarding property and only guessed at it being a product of the 60's. I'm just to know of any ideas on finding out it's age and any idea of what the value might be (to know if I was a winner or loser on my purchase.) Any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Las Vegas Flamingo - 07/03/21 03:33 PM

Brucifer, sorry I can't help answer your questions but welcome to BABC.

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I'll add a welcome aboard also.
No help on the dollar value, but it's not going to be a very high figure.
It's true value is how much enjoyment you get out of the boat, how much it lights a fire to move up to a newer, more powerful boat, and the memories you can achieve.
Boating brings memories that you just can't get anywhere else, and brings families together.
Some of my best memories are just idling along toward the boat ramp for over an hour chilling with friends as the sun sets after a great day skiing and having fun. Don't remember any of the ski runs, or tubing runs, but that evening is burned into my memory. Just as freezing my butt off on a Christmas boat parade with a certain member of this board, who wouldn't let me drink any red wine, but was a gracious host to all aboard, and to someone who was lucky enough to be in town that evening.

Your google skills have led you somewhere useful, but not as useful as I'm sure you wished.

TriHull and 40 HP 2 stroke engines did go out of style long before I bought my first boat in 1988, so mid 60s sounds about right.
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You might post some photos of it, styling clues may give members some ideas. Also the serial number of the motor may have a date of manufacturer encoded in it some how. If the ttheransom appears to have never had another motor attached to it, i.e. extra holes, outlines of removed hardware, etc then that would be a clue.

Maybe this will help.

I agree with Justificaiton on determining value.

You may only find the model number listed on the motor. Here is a like that gives the various 40 hp motors by Johnson and the year they were manufactured. Model/Year
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You could try the website. They specialize in the early years of fiberglass boats.

Here is some info on your boat . . .

[Linked Image]

Current value would be totally based on its condition and restoration quality.
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