A strange year

Posted By: Senoj

A strange year - 09/08/20 10:30 AM

This has certainly been a strange year. I have never seen Norris Lake so busy. It is increasingly difficult to find a quiet cove to spend the afternoon. I have heard that boat inventories are nonexistent and I can believe it. The number of new mastercrafts and pontoon boats is unbelievable. What is also unbelievable is how dangerous these new boaters are. Many, not all, have absolutely no idea what they are doing. No idea how to safely pass another boat, keep safe distance from a boat at anchor and my pet peeve...cruising down the lake with several thousand pounds of ballast. Wow...the waves these boats why? I find it really inconsiderate to other boaters. I’m fine with this when they are wake surfing but empty the ballast before cruising around. Ok...rant over.

I have prediction. Next year will be a great year to pick up a low hour used boat. Many of these rookie boaters will move on or go back to whatever they were doing prior to Covid-19.
Posted By: captkevin

Re: A strange year - 09/08/20 12:09 PM

Definitely been an interesting summer. We have also seen our share of rookie moves on the lake. We had to move from one cove on Saturday due to a group of boats tied up blasting the most awful extremely loud & distorting music while shooting tik tok videos. Really?? Have to admit i had no idea what they were doing. My daughter filled me in.
Posted By: MarkHB

Re: A strange year - 09/08/20 12:49 PM

I noticed when I go up into the Powell River it seemed busy. In our neck of the woods it was nice as most folks go behind Island F and not up the main channel around Island F. Not a boat in sight this morning.
Posted By: Senoj

Re: A strange year - 09/08/20 04:12 PM

I go to pilot island in loyston sea. It has been my go to spot for probably 10 years and typically is calm and private. I avoid big creek and Deerfield as much as possible.
Posted By: Senoj

Re: A strange year - 09/08/20 04:15 PM

Btw MarkHB. You can prob appreciate what I’m saying about big creek and Deerfield if Island F is your place. I do try to stay away from bubas but other than that I love your part of the lake.
Posted By: MarkHB

Re: A strange year - 09/09/20 11:19 AM

We have not been to Bubba Brews this year. Actually we have not been to any restaurant's this year, Seem to be too busy lately.
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