Nothing matters anymore- ok, maybe not nothing

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Nothing matters anymore- ok, maybe not nothing - 05/27/19 08:13 PM

Since we bought the SkipperLiner 13 years ago, our whole other life has revolved around boating, and future plans for what was to start this season; (1) semi-retirement, whereas we whack about 85% of our customer base, and keeping the remaining 15% that has been generating 80% of the income. That's about 5 customers, and without other interruptions I figure 25 to 30 hours a week would be needed to keep up- which means we could regularly take 4-6 days off a couple of times a month and still keep up with the work. And (2) spending our free time on the houseboat, with some RVing thrown in occasionally for a little variety (and good measure)...

That's been our retirement plan since we discussed upgrading from the Party Cruiser.

As of now, we now have no retirement plan. For our plan to work, we require a place to go boating. Last night I received word that harbor is going strictly sailboats. No slipped powerboats within a couple of years is the goal. The owner recently bought some POS museum relic sailboat that displaced the guy renting the only other end slip besides ours (whom I mentioned in another thread) so he can park the relic there. And I was told point blank that if another POS relic should come available, they'd have no slip for us. So-- they have have no space for my trailer, and they no space on the hard to park the boat after pullout for ANY future maintenance, and no space in the water..

We've been renting slips there for 18 years. I've paid them more than any other customer since they (him and family) bought the harbor lease from the Mark, the PO. I've helped repair the docks several times. I helped disassemble, move and reassemble the docks when that job happened. I wired the one boat dock with power that everyone uses. I troubleshot and repaired an electric problem they had for several years in a utility building (dead leg at the source box) I've made probably 25 signs for them at no cost. I even put in my own power meter so I would know how much to pay for the power I used... Yeah all this stuff benefited me, but everyone else too. I never asked for any payment or any reduction in rent, from either owner.

They say, No good deed goes unpunished... Seems so, after 18 years we're being kicked out.

Our ONLY other option AT ALL to even keep the SkipperLiner is if Provo boat harbor will accommodate us. I'm not hopeful, and if they don't, we're pretty much f-----d.

As it stands:
--I must, at any cost, have the houseboat floatable by season's end-
--I have do what's necessary to make the trailer roadworthy, basically new over-wide axles and tires. 8 Double Coin tires with 6k# load cap will be north of $1600 for 2 axles. Trailer will be 44k# loaded, a pair of 25k# axles, should be good.
--and what to do with it? Our whole plan hinged on the fact the boat would be here for life. Mark had secured a 99 year lease before we bought the thing, but after a few bad years he lost any ambition to make it work. When putting his lease up for sale, he assured us that our longevity at the harbor would be part of the sales deal. I have no clue if that ever happened, but I'm assuming the worst. This boat on the trailer is 60' long, 14' wide and over 20' tall at the canopy. So no matter where it goes, the canopy and flybridge has to come off. And even then height is over 15'. And then what? The nearest body of water that could accommodate it is Flaming Gorge, 150 miles away. That could still work for us but they have no slips big enough, all end slips are cabled to anchors. So I guess sell the thing is probably going to be our only option. And to do that would be to find dry storage near Lake Powell and see if we can sell it. Which means an expensive road trip, we paid $6000 to get it here 13 years ago. If I can get the trailer truly road-worthy, I may save some money.

Then there's the other 3 boats. Only one will fit in Provo's slips, and it's the one that doesn't run at the moment. I do at least have places to park them, same place we park the motorhome, assuming he'll rent us more outdoor space...

And I have to take care of all this by season's end, and I'm currently working 17+ hours a day, 6-7 days a week. My only salvation lately is my daughter helping out with engraving on Thursdays. It's the only reason I found time to head to the harbor to work on the boat, only to get evicted instead. To make time I need to cut my customer base down a ton, and pretty much immediately. This means contacting every other engraving shop in town and assess their capabilities so I know where to send the customers I'm firing. I won't just leave any customers hanging with no options. I'll either find them a source for their work, or I'll do it.

All this work, expense and nonsense necessary just to undo our only hobby and future plans. The wife is beside herself over this. I used to respect the harbor owners. Now--- being a family forum I digress...

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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 05/27/19 11:15 PM

Wow that really stinks. Hard to believe they would treat long time customers so poorly.
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 05/28/19 01:15 AM

Holy Utah county customer service and compassion. Maybe if you were to set up some MLM boat harbor business they'd be supportive of all you've done and abide by the agreements made.
How about the yacht club at Pineview? The Skipperliner would be the biggest boat there, but they may have an end slip
If there's anything we can do to help you out just let us know.
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 05/28/19 02:53 AM

Can/will the owner put in a good word for you at the other places you are comsidering?

Just a symptom of what I see in current society: Selfishness/ all about me.....
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 05/28/19 02:26 PM

Maybe your new retirement plan should be to wait for the current owners of the marina to lose the business due the sail boat fiasco & swoop in to be the next owner.
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 05/28/19 10:00 PM

Ok, so I guess the boating gods are showing me a little sympathy- Turns out there's actually a place to put the boat, and it's only 3.7 miles away, a storage place that just opened up this year... Ironically it's less than a 1/4 mile from American Fork harbor, not that THAT helps, Amfork doesn't slip boats and their whole parking lot isn't big enough to turn the thing around wink Far as I know there's no overhead powerlines other than the big ones WAY up along the drive path, which means it can be towed without dismantling anything on top. I could tow it that far with my truck. I can put the trailer there immediately, then I can move the whole boat there later.

....... and then what...? idn
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 05/29/19 01:57 AM

Maybe Mr. Murphy isn't quite as much of a badarse as you originally thought. Patience, my friend. Good things come to those who wait.
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 05/29/19 02:40 AM

Wait hell laugh -

So my anger's pretty much run its course, and letting me think a bit, and I may have a solution, depending on holding the owner to what exactly he told me- and what he didn't--

What he told me:

He's in desperate need of parking space for the slip renter's boat trailers, which is true- he has a dozen trailers parked on far south property that belongs to someone else, and needs them moved..

Our boat is parked long ways against the storage area fence which is taking up 5 trailer spaces that can be parked sideways- true.

Our trailer is parked longways along the dike road, 90° to the main road, and it's also hogging 5 trailer spaces- true.

Do I have a place to park the boat and trailer? The trailer is streetable as is and I can tow it with my truck, it's length is the main issue, but finding a place for it wasn't really a concern. Finding a place for the boat, that WAS a major concern. So the next talking points were "so after it's back in the water, what if you need to fix it, where will you put it? There's no space here for you to park it and work on it" - not entirely true, since I could park it in the first parking space on the hard closest to the pay booth, and park it so it won't encroach out into the lot proper any more than any other truck/trailer would, or even just a boat for that matter.. And half the width of the boat can overhang to the right and never use more than one parking space.

And finally, "We're advertising all over the country that we're building a sailboating community, offering lessons, club memberships, yada yada", and as noted above, "we WILL use your dock if we need to" ---

Ok, beyond all that, what WASN'T said, was anything resembling 'we just want your boat outta here'...

So I'm going to test him on that... The boat and trailer eating space, problem solved. I can move the trailer tomorrow. The boat is okay until fall or I get it ready for water, whichever comes first. I'm paid thru the season and I won't have my dock stolen this year. I just emailed EZ Dock for some quotes. Have no idea what they cost but they're a perfect solution to my problem. I just five 10' sections and some big pipe to anchor it. The price will probably choke me but so will the cost of towing the thing 400 miles back to Powell and never using it again...

If he's okay with me installing my own dock at my expense out on the north edge of the harbor, over 100 yards from from the other docks and boats and 50 yards from the 'personal beach' area, Then we'll be happier than blind dogs in a meat locker...

If he's not, then it'll be another notch towards losing all faith in humanity...

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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 05/29/19 05:11 AM

Glad to see you have calmed down and are beginning to find some options. Good luck. You usually come through, and I hope you will this time. Oh, yea. When you talk to the powers that make the decisions, be calm and keep the Adrenalin down low. Much more gets done with sugar than with hot chili peppers. (:-)

One more thing. You haven't given up yet. Take that big X off your photos. I promise you, you will feel better.
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 07/10/19 05:52 PM

edit edit edit--

while writing this to say things may be smoothing out, I got an email stating we're officially kicked out of the harbor. There's not one reason- safety, dock/boat incompatibility- given for why that I can't factually prove incorrect, but so be it. We've slipped boats there longer than anyone, pay them more per month/year than anyone, we're the only ones who pay for electric power- essentially, we've been their best customer, and we're getting the boot. I've even offered to install and maintain our own slip at our expense, divorced from everything else in the harbor, and pay for the water space. No dice.
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 07/10/19 06:01 PM

Wow that is hard to believe. So much for customer service. Sorry for your pain.
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 07/10/19 06:37 PM

That's a real shame. Hard to believe that anyone can be so insensitive!
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 07/10/19 06:50 PM

Oh, the pain has just begun-- When taking the trailer to the storage lot I found, while in the process of parking the thing the right wheels locked up- blew the axle bearing on a 3-1/2 mile ride. So I have to fix that just to move the boat. And in order to tow the boat any distance farther than 1/4 mile safely, the trailer needs another axle, and that axle needs be 10' wide to keep the boat laterally stable. That's just to get it out of their effing way. Have to talk with Provo harbor to see if they'll accommodate us. If they can't or won't, guess I'm just fixing the thing just to get rid of it. So much for retirement plans..
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 07/10/19 07:27 PM

Fingers crossed it all works out.
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 07/14/19 06:19 PM

Man that really sucks bad. Any update on Provo harbor?
Was at Pineview last week and looked at the docks in the Yacht Club. No boats were tied up to any end slips, and they appear to be long enough for the Skipperliner. I know it's not nearly as convenient as Utah Lake, but it's much much closer than getting the Skipperline sold or moved back to Powell.
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 07/15/19 09:57 PM

Zig Zag still in progress-- Went to the harbor yesterday to work on the boat. The owner was taking money, he asked how I was doing. Wrong question, because I told him ...

BUT-- after the initial getting crap off my chest thing, we had a rational discussion about everything to do with his decision to 86 us. One major reason was 'your boat takes up a ton of space around here.' I was ready for that. First, I reminded him of the storage space I found just down the street for it, which is where the trailer is. Second, I presented him with a copy of the googleEarth photo below, his version was without the arrows. I told him our boat was in the photo in 4 places, and asked him to find them... At the far right arrow is where the boat currently is. I made a copy, and pasted it in the other 3 places- at the very bottom is the first guest boat trailer parking, in the middle at the dock where it SHOULD be, and finally next to a drawn-in dock, which is the current 'make everyone happy' plan. He could only find the one next to the 'new' dock. He was actually surprised that it didn't have a bigger footprint, and that some of the motorhomes in storage were nearly as big. The boat is lots wider, but he agreed the thing doesn't overtake the harbor by any stretch...

We talked for quite awhile, the main issue is that he's not a fan of risk... right now the water's high and he's afraid our boat could compromise the dock in a heavy storm. Another area of concern, the electric wiring on the dock, his possible liability. Well THAT'S no problem. So yesterday I removed all 300+ feet of wiring, conduit, everything. It's like it never happened. Wore me the hell out. Finally, the separate dock issue-- he never fully grasped the fact that WE plan on buying and installing the new dock. He was under the impression that we expected him to foot all or part of the bill. NO, no no... sheesh, a new dock will cost half as much than to tow it back to southern Utah, so guess what I'd rather do?

He has to have the State approve any new additions, which the dock will be. After seeing the likeness of it in the photo, he agreed it was less of an intrusion than he thought it'd be. One caveat, no electric. Not a deal breaker. Propane can keep the fridge cold when we're not there, and I have lots of room for solar panels and batteries. If the State, and some co-owner family members are okay with it, I guess we're in luck. If not, at least I got some questions answered, and was able to be part of the negotiating process.

[Linked Image]
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 07/15/19 11:07 PM

I guess you got his respect. Now that he got the information from the source and most interested party, he is listening and basically admitting that he was making incorrect assumptions. Hopefully, things work out by the end of summer.
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 07/17/19 05:38 AM

Hope things work out!
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 07/18/19 11:56 PM

Amen to that. Fingers crossed for ya FR!
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 08/09/19 04:13 PM

Just found this thread, wow what a whirlwind of turmoil! Hope things are still progressing in the right direction.
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Re: Nothing matters anymore. Nothing. - 08/13/19 05:26 PM

Us too... The owner's not been afraid to pass along bad news, to me or anyone else, and haven't gotten any lately so I guess that's a good sign. smile
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