We've had a few good trips so far this summer, thought I'd share. Sadly, with Photobucket going off the deep end, I'm pictureless until I figure a replacement.

First big trip was to Grand Traverse Bay to watch the Cherry Festival Air Show. We saw that the Air Force Thunderbirds and the Army Golden Knights would be there and it was a no-brainer. We've also seen the Blue Angels here a couple of time. The air show takes place over the bay in downtown Traverse City. We got in the water bright and early, ut with the weather being less then ideal it wasn't crowded. Last time we attended they shut the ramp down about 4 rigs behind us. After putting the boat in the water, I dropped the family off at a dock on the Boardman River downtown and went to anchor out off the beach an claim our spot. I waded in and we spent a few hours downtown. We absolutely cannot visit TC without a visit to the Cherry Republic, and it did not disappoint. We also toured the Cherry Festival area, and checked out the Air Force display. They had a custom Mustang they built with jet parts. It was loud.

We headed back out to the boat for the air show. The entire thing was great. The Golden Knights parachute team was amazing. The precision with which they landed was, well precise. Their announcer said he was over 500 jumps; guess he knows what he's doing. They do a demonstration of the Coast Guard pulling a vicitim out of the water, and there were a number of civilian acts. The Navy had an F-18 demo, the power of that plane is amazing. They like to do an approach over downtown so you can't see them until they're right on top of you. Even with us looking for it, it still takes your breath away. The Thunderbirds were a first view for us, and it was very cool. I'm always amazed how they're able to hold formations so tight at speed while turning. It makes me happy to know that those people our taking care of us on the front lines.

After the air show, the sun finally made an appearance. The day had been a bit dreary, and with Lake Michigan being in the mid 60's nobody had spent any time in the water. When the sun came out, the lake become a lot more inviting and we spent some time playing. We had an hour drive from the ramp, so we left in plenty of time to get back before dark. Great day with the family, and with a 1st mate who will be a senior in HS this year, I'm happy to have it.

More stories to come...

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