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03/20/16 03:37 PM Move to a new Web Server Posted by Admin

Here's to hoping that nothing blew up too badly.

I'll keep a watch on things to see what happens.


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12/31/13 04:18 AM Server Move and Software Update Posted by Admin

Greetings and Happy New Year!

This morning when I entered my computer room I found that ever elusive Round-to-it.

With that firmly in hand I got to long overdue work.

So now we live in a new home and have an upgraded forums software. This will hopefully fix some issues. Now you should not have the dreaded blank posting problem any longer.

I'm going to live dangerously and open the forums while I finish some things. Right now, the photo gallery is still to be moved and fixed. I am hopeful that it will again function as it should. I know it's been totally broke for a while now. Sorry about that.

As the Classifieds were not really getting used at all, I am removing them completely. I'll create a "Member's Exchange" forum for those who what to unload their stuff.

Let me know if you run into any problems with this new installation. I cannot promise that you will not still have login issues when using Microsquish Internet Exploder. crazy

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01/24/11 04:50 AM Server Move Complete Posted by Admin

The move to a new home is complete. Unless I messed anything up more than usual, all should be working.

If anyone has login issues, let me know by sending an e-mail to board_admin at boatingabc dot com.

Still to come are some upgrades to the forums and photo gallery software. That likely will come next weekend.

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10/13/08 08:37 AM Updated Forums Software Posted by Admin


Not every update warrants a notice, but this latest update has a couple minor feature enhancements and bug fixes that you might be interested in.

First up is the Private Message Feature.

There was a bug where no notice was given when an intended recipient's PM limit was reached. That user would quietly be dropped from the recipient listing leaving the sender only able to guess as to why that person was no longer listed as being part of the Private Topic.

The behavior has been change. When you add a recipient to your new Private Message, the board will check to see if that user's PM limit has been reached. If it has, you will get an error message saying so and you will not be able to add that user to the recipient list.

That way, you are not left to wonder if a user is ignoring you or removed him/herself from the topic when you weren't looking. wink

Private Message/Topics part 2:

The Page Jumper links have been added to the bottom of Private Messages/Topics that become multiple pages long. So now you no longer have to scroll to the top of the page to get to these links. thumb

Changing your E-Mail Address In Your Profile

When a user changes their email in their profile a verification email will be sent to the new address. The account email will not be changed until the user clicks on the verification email.

Display of Images

There is now a feature that allows a limit for the maximum width for images using the [img] tag. This uses browser scaling, as a quick way to keep large sized images from distorting the layout. You can still upload an image that is over wide, but it should no longer stretch the layout to the point of being very difficult to deal with. This is currently set to 800 pixels and may be too wide for some.

This was mostly a bug fix release, but I thought most would like to know about some of the new features. wink

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04/20/08 07:23 PM Selling your stuff. Posted by Admin

OK Folks.

After a few years of many of you asking, we are now providing you a place to hock your wares.

Or to put it another way. "To sell your stuff".

Also, see the link on the main menu bar above in between "FAQ" and "Photo Gallery".

This is free to active members. For our purposes "active" is defined as a member with a minimum of 25 postings on our forums.

I have set up a special user group that should automatically include members in it once they reach 25 postings. We shall see how well it works.

If someone should just happen to create a new account and then pad their post count to be able to place an Ad, you can pretty much count on the Ad being deleted and your user account being banned.

I am sure there are several overlooked items in this new area and it is likely to be a work-in-progress for a bit.

I just wanted to get it up and running now as it seems that if I wait until I have the time to do it right, it very well may never get done at all. ouch

Anyway, here's to hoping it works out.


Anything listed for sale is done so by the listing member. has NO ROLE in the sale other than providing a means of bringing a seller and buyer together. is NOT a party to any sale and makes NO warranty whatever as to the suitability , value, usefulness or condition of anything offered for sale.

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